Arts & (Air) Craft

I have always tried to provide interesting reads in the field of literature and the arts, though often straying into other areas, if it inspires me that is. However, one of my other passions, apart from pastel painting, books (especially hard copy) and my faith, is my enthusiasm for all things aviation particularly flight simulation. This hobby is undergoing technological advancements with a more widespread use of Virtual Reality (it makes flight simming as real as it gets) and simulation software that is as close as you can get to commercial platforms and is ideal for flight training. As I write Microsoft are about to reintroduce themselves back into the flight simming market with the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 next month. It has been touted as a game changer.

My Flight Sim set up (non vr) using Xplane 11 from Laminar Research

I also have an interest in aviation books (much of which involve flight training) and magazines. But I have also been fortunate to have flown (for a very short time) a Tiger Moth biplane at IWM Duxford through Classic Wings . It is an experience I will never forget and one highly recommended for any aviation enthusiast.

Classic Wings

It is nice then to be able to combine hobbies and interests. No, I haven’t started painting while trying to fly a plane, simulated or otherwise, but I have started to use my skills in pastel painting to paint interesting and often complex scenes featuring aircraft. I particularly like a scene that has a good background on which to show the aircraft off in a more effective way. I also like sunrises and sunsets. So far I have produced three but I am sure there will be more to come. I have been told that not many use pastels in this particular genre so its nice to be a rarity. I enjoy pastels because I find them more forgiving than, say, watercolours and oils. The effect can be just as pleasing.

I hope you enjoy my art and features. Please leave a comment if you do. Much of my artwork is for sale and prints can be obtained on request.

Piper PA32 over San Francisco as sunset
Landing at Biggin Hill
Taxying at sunset

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