Found my niche

I have been using WordPress, on and off, for a few years now. I publish now and then but not consistent enough to build a satisfactory following.  The problem I have had is what area to I want to focus on, to write about. I fear I have been too generic. But I believe I have found my niche and like good stories it has come to me through adversity.

It has been a turbulent year. In fact the last three years or so have been a series of small gains and massive losses. A constant cycle of minor success and major failure. And in all these cycles I have lost a lot. Family, friends and belongings (both actual and in a metaphysical sense). But despite all this loss, thanks to some friends, I have managed to retain some precious items and I guess it is because I use the word ‘precious’ (try saying the word without sounding like Golum) that gives cause as to why I have found my niche.

You see, those precious items are my books, collected over the years. I just love books, old new, small or large. I have favourite subjects: literature, Classical Greek, faith but I’m also quite eclectic on the kind of novel I will read. I was brought up on fantasy; writers such as Tad Williams and Robert Jordan and of course Tolkien have been a staple diet of escapism for me. But in recent years I have turned to Russian literature such as Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, English literature (of course) and modern authors such as Paul Auster and Joel Dicker (who like to write about writing in their novels).

So I thought, if I love books so much, if I’m moved by a book or a theme or a specific author, why not write about that?  I can share my thoughts, my interpretations and maybe something of what I have gathered through university education to write an entertaining blog. It seems to make sense.

I hope you can follow me on our journey through literature and bibliophilia.

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