A Chatterbox God

We have a God who is always speaking. In fact we have a God who never shuts up. He is, for want of a better word, a chatterbox. He talks to us through His creation, His Word, the Bible, His people and more importantly he has spoken to us through His Son, Jesus Christ. He has been chatting to us constantly throughout history but never more so than that last two thousand years or so since Jesus died, rose on the third day and established His Church.

You may ask however, if God has been speaking so much, how is it I cannot hear him? You may declare that you have never heard his voice. So despite the signs of Him speaking you have not picked up the signal of God’s grace. You see hearing God is rooted in science and technology.

There  are  principles laid down by God in creation, and discovered by physics, relating to electromagnetic and radio waves.  Radio waves are not something that was invented, they have always been there since the beginning. It is just that in recent times we have developed the technology to pick up and use these waves.  As a result we have radio, television, mobile internet and phone signals all harnessing and using those waves. The point is they have always been there, just as God has.

However  in order to receive a signal to your aerial or satellite dish,  a technological expert will tell you,  your dish or aerial has to be aligned to where the signal is coming from. As it is with these waves, so it is with God. And that brings us back to the subject of this post. If we want to hear God, as we would want to hear a broadcast, we have to be aligned to God’s signal.

In Christian terms this alignment is called repentance. It is actively turning ourselves to face God. By doing this, God clears out the interference from our lives and we begin to hear Him clearly. So what does this repentance mean then? It means saying sorry to God, submitting to Him and accepting the free gift of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus died on a cross to reconnect us back to God. His death and resurrection cut out the interference.

We have at our disposal, signal boosters. These allow God to speak specifically in certain situations. In fact the Bible itself can be seen as a signal booster. But  prayer,  charity and service boost God’s signal and allow his message to come through loud and clear. Of course at the same time there are signal blockers, sin being the main cause.

If you have not already done so, align yourself to God and receive His signal of grace, love and eternal life. Turn yourself in repentance toward a God who loves you.

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