I am a grapheus

Over the last ten years I have been on a of learning. For six years I enrolled as a mature student with the Open University, studying for BA (Hons) in English Literature  from which I  graduated in 2016 with an Upper Second Class degree (2.1). Six years of reading, studying, researching and writing (lots of writing). It seems obvious to continue that journey by embarking in the world of blogging, hence this site.

But that’s not the only learning I’ve enlisted in. Another field is that of art. Actually the degree touched on art through the foundation element where, specifically, us students learnt about art architecture, sculpture, and impressionist artists such as Paul Cezanne. But a year or so after the degree I took part in an art course to teach me the basics of drawing, perspective and the various artistic media. I realised I was reasonably good with pastels.

I am, what the ancient Greeks call, a grapheus, both writer and artist, for the Greek word can mean both.

This blog will record my journey as I put to use all that knowledge and experience, ranging from the Arts, Classical Greek, Shakespeare, Creative Writing and art, both writing about it and producing it, whilst practising the art of writing (and also filling my time with something I hope as fulfilling as University). It will also be a platform to promote myself, and my work.

So the areas I will write on will focus on books, authors, and writing in general. I am, of course, a bibliophile. I just love to handle books, especially old ones. But it is the words inside that delight. I hope to share some of my thoughts on my favourite authors, themes and surprises I have found while reading the written word.

As well as books I will write about art, both the work of others and my own. Specifically I want to share my artistic journey with you. To talk about who and what inspires me, artistically. And maybe share the stories behind my own paintings.

This is a blog of two parts, writing and art. Both are grapheus. I am the grapheus.

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  1. I might not be as old and I surely don’t have a degree yet. Im going into my second year of college as a nursing major. I really enjoyed your post. I’m curious to go on this journey with you because I’m curious to see what life is like after college.

    Also, I may not be as mature but I would really appreciate it if you could take a look at my blog. I dd my first blog post yesterday and just put one up today as well. Tell me what you think! Looking forward to the journey!


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