Three Aims, three goals


In response to a challenge set by the Blogging University, in regards to setting aims and goals, here’s what I believe  my aims to be:

  • To gain followers:  For a  man of mature age who has embraced blogging and social media quite late on, I find myself almost ‘friendless’, especially in regards to social media. Actually, real life is not so clever either. I am hoping blogging is the cure for all that while engaging in writing tasks that keep my mind active and possibly lead to better things. 
  • To promote my work: I have  been writing since my childhood, on and off, with scraps of paper, notepads (not the electronic kind!) and school exercise books. I have always been unsure of myself and a platform such as this fills me with trepidation and fear which I have had to conquer. I don’t like rejection and fear it coming. However, my experience so far on WordPress has been pleasant so I am gaining confidence in publishing some of my work. #Shibden
  • To get noticed and work freelance: This is my ultimate aim. My passion is to write but to write for a living would be a dream come true.

To achieve these aims I have set myself three goals:

  • To double followers with two months
  • Publish at least once or twice a week
  • Increase hits by 50% over the next two months

I also aim to help other by reading blogs and leaving comments. I like that we are all in this together.


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