welcome to the grapheus

grapheus is all about communication, through words and through art…

Where would we be without words and images? They entertain, inform and instruct. History tells us the first writing was purely there to keep a record of accounts but since then the written word has been used as our main means of communicating thoughts and ideas, kept for prosperity. And art was first produced to keep a record of an achievement, to record an event or to tell a story.  It’s no different in the internet age. Words and images are more powerful today than they have ever been.

I can help you with your writing. I am able to take on any writing task whether that be blogs, articles, reviews or web content. Check out my portfolio page to find out how you can read examples of my work. For details on fees and how to hire me check me out on Fiverr.

And I can take commissions for any art related work. I specialise in landscape, aviation, transport and the odd portrait.

I am also a self confessed bibliophile and so reading and collecting the written word is important to me. I have many other interests, from aviation, films, art and faith. All of which I will write about. Check out my blogs to learn more.cropped-grapheus-logo-2.png

Contact me via the contact page if you require my services